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FLOWER PEEL 20mins | $89
Great exfoliation for skins sensitive to hydroxy acids and physical exfoliants
or for those who require and light exfoliation, using hibiscus, passion flower
and pumpkin leaving the skin with radiant glow.


Hydrates, brightens and smooths the skin, using 20% lactic peel combined with
hyaluronic acid and added antioxidants help repair damage and strengthen skin.This
powerful combination, will improve fine lines and
pigmentation, resulting in glowing skin!Ideal for all skin types. Course of 3-6 is recommended.


RESURFACING PEEL. 30mins | $89
A non-invasive, intensive resurfacing peel charged with an intensive blend of
AHA ingredients (26%) that gently refine without the risk of inflammation. For
best results we recommend a series of 6. Pre-purchase 5 and get 1 free.